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Energy for the long run

J-POWER USA is a leading competitive energy producer.
We are committed to providing
safe and reliable energy.

Our Values

J-POWER USA values integrity, strong work ethics and consistent commitment to safety, environment and community. We promote company culture that encourages our diverse team to open collaboration and transparency in all our business practices.

Positive Impact on Our Communities

J-POWER USA believes that getting involved in our community is not just important, we believe it is necessary. We value our communities and actively look for ways to give back.


We strive to maintain the highest standard of safety. Every precaution and proactive safety checks are mandated to ensure that our plants, employees, and communities are safe. We believe in responsible energy.

Our Driven Team

As a team of motivated and result-driven individuals, we are deeply proud of what we do and own our work every step of the way. We take the necessary initiatives to execute the results needed to succeed.

Innovation in Energy

Our newest project, currently in the construction phase will be located in Illinois and will utilize the most advance technology available to produce energy more efficiently while reducing the effect on our environment.

High Performance

Our plants are located across the country, strategically operating in the nation’s most competitive power markets. We endeavor to seek out opportunities for growth and generate value for our investors.

The Future Looks Bright!

With a firm commitment to reliable energy and the environment, J-POWER USA will continue to improve, expand and diversify our business operation.