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J-POWER USA is committed to
efficient and economical energy

We believe in reliable energy

Electricity is pivotal to the function of our homes, businesses and communities. Sometimes it takes an intense storm when our homes lose power for a few hours for us to remember how much we rely on electricity. We play a critical part in the energy portfolio because it’s not just energy that is important, but reliable energy. We provide support to intermittent renewable energy sources. Because renewables are wholly dependent on the unpredictable weather patterns, natural gas powered plants are vital to ensure that resident’s have the constant flow of electricity needed to do business and enjoy their homes.

Stewards of the environment

J-POWER USA is committed to be responsible stewards of the environment with a focus on efficient and reliable energy production. The energy industry is evolving with the decline of outdated plants and more stringent environmental regulations. We strive to be leaders in innovative thinking and methods to produce and supply efficient, clean and affordable energy. Our newest plant, under development will be the most efficient class of power plant in the country. Able to produce up to 50% more energy using advance heat recycle technology.

At our plants, J-POWER USA puts safety above all else

Our facilities follow strict operational and environmental guidelines to meet regulations and exceed them whenever possible. Five of the seven plants we operate have celebrated 10 or more years without a recordable injury and one plant which celebrated 1 million safe work hours.

J-POWER USA values the local community

J-POWER USA values the communities where our plants reside. The local towns benefit from jobs, tax revenues and charitable donations. Some of our most recent community initiatives involved helping to build a home for Habitat for Humanity, United Way’s “Stuff a Bus” event, High School scholarships and volunteering at food pantries. The well-being of our communities is a priority for J-POWER USA and we will continue our support and efforts within our local communities.