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Mark Condon
President & Chief Executive Officer

Mark Condon is the President and CEO of J-POWER USA and is responsible for managing and directing the overall business operations and strategic direction of J-POWER USA. Mark has over 30 years of experience in the energy and financial services industries. He led the investment in over $5 billion worth of transactions in developing and acquiring of over 5,000 MW of power generating assets.

Prior to joining J-POWER USA, Mark was Chief Financial Officer of Alliant Energy Generation, the non-regulated subsidiary of Alliant Energy Corporation. Earlier in his career, Mark worked in the financial services sector at Heller Financial Inc., GE Capital and Toronto Dominion Bank where he focused on the energy and utility sectors.

Mark earned a BS in Finance and Computer Science from Boston College and an MBA from Pace University.

Hirofumi Hinokawa
Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Hirofumi Hinokawa has over 10 years of experience in international power development and administration. Mr. Hinokawa is responsible for J-POWER USA's company operations, project evaluation, development activities, internal administration, as well as acting as an intermediary to J-POWER USA's parent company headquartered in Tokyo.

Prior to joining the US team, Mr. Hinokawa was a Manager in the International Business Administration/Development Department at J-POWER (EPDC). There he played a leading role in the administration of projects in the Philippines and USA and also played a leading role in development of projects in Vietnam and Indonesia.

Mr. Hinokawa earned a BS in Law from the University of Tokyo, and an LL.M. from Boston University School of Law. He is an attorney at law admitted in the State of New York.

Rick Noble
Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Rick Noble has over 20 years of experience in the energy and financial services industries. As Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Rick is responsible for managing the day-to-day accounting & financing activities of the business. Additionally, he is responsible for raising debt and equity capital to fund corporate growth initiatives through green-field project development and acquisitions. Rick has been with J-POWER USA since 2007.

Prior to joining J-POWER USA, Rick worked at a number of IPP and IPP finance related companies which include Alliant Energy Generation, EP Power Finance, Heller Financial Services, Entergy Power Group and Occidental Energy Ventures/MidCon. As a consultant, he has also been active in the renewable energy industry where he provided strategic guidance for planning, structuring, valuing and financing potential investment opportunities for a variety of different types of energy transactions.

Rick has earned a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and Masters in International Management from the American Graduate School of International Management.

Paul Peterson
Vice President of Asset Management and Operations

Paul Peterson is the Vice President of Asset Management and Operations of J-POWER USA and is responsible for the current project portfolio - operations, all project contract and commercial arrangements, and project optimization efforts. Paul has over 25 years of experience, the past 9 years with J-POWER USA and the prior 15 plus years in consultative roles in the energy, automotive, services, and electronics industries.

Prior to joining J-POWER USA, Paul was a Senior Director at Motorola. Additionally, Paul worked at Electronic Data Systems in consultative and service roles, and at A.T. Kearney as a management consultant.

Paul earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University and an MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

Takumi Suto
Vice President of Engineering

Takumi Suto joins the US team with over 20 years of experience in domestic and international power business management. His duties have included project evaluation and management in the US as well as in Japan. Mr. Suto is responsible for assessing, steering and supervising the technical work product of parties such as owner's technical advisor, operation and maintenance advisors and contractors, construction contractors and engineering service providers.

Prior to joining the US team, Mr. Suto was a manager in the International Business Development Department at J-POWER (EPDC). There he played a leading role in the development of coal power plants in Vietnam and engineering consulting projects in Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

Mr. Suto earned a BS in Engineering and a Master of Engineering from Tohoku University.

Jim Kiefer
Vice President of Market Analytics and Business Development

Jim Kiefer has extensive experience in various energy fields. He has successfully developed natural gas fueled simple cycle and combined cycle facilities, renewable energy plants, and an underground natural gas storage field. He is responsible for our market analytics, as well as development of new greenfield assets and redevelopment of existing assets for J-POWER USA

Prior to joining J-POWER USA, Mr. Kiefer was responsible for development of Central Valley Gas Storage, an underground natural gas storage field in California for NICOR Enerchange. Responsibilities included directing all real estate transactions, political and local affairs, all permitting, and construction management. He previously was responsible for development of gas fired generation for the development affiliate of PPL Corporation. During this period, he identified, obtained real estate rights, coordinated interconnections, and directed permitting for four sites, resulting in the successful development and construction of a 460 MW generation facility in University Park, Illinois, as well as the evaluation of a number of generation opportunities. Mr. Kiefer was also the business manager of the Ingleside Cogeneration facility in Ingleside, Texas while employed by an Occidental Petroleum Corp. affiliate. In his early career, he held a number of engineering, marketing, and business development positions at Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America and successor companies.

Jim has a BS in Chemistry from Minnesota State University Moorhead, and holds a MS in Chemical Engineering from the University of North Dakota.

Shigetaka Nojiri
Secretary & Treasurer

Shigetaka Nojiri has over 10 years of experience in power industry, including the liberalized energy market of Japan. He is responsible for the receipt, custody and disbursement of all funds and securities, receiving receipts for monies due and payable, keeping minutes of the meeting of stockholders, directors and committee of directors and ensuring that all notices are duly given in accordance the with bylaws of the company.

Prior to joining the US team, Mr. Nojiri was a Manager in the Energy Business Department at J-POWER (EPDC), and worked on promoting and developing power marketing in a liberalized market.

Mr. Nojiri earned a BS in Law from the University of Tsukuba., in Tsukuba, Japan.